List of the Social Security Scheme

Sr. No. Name of the Scheme
1 Social pension for Bidi Shramik
2 State Run Social Pensions,Pension and one time financial benefit to AWW and AWH
3 ICDS-Training Program
4 Protection and Empowerment of Women- National Mission for Empowerment of Women
5 Protection and Empowerment of Women-Swadhar Greh- Salary to staff
6 National Family Benefit Scheme
7 Anganwadi Services (Core ICDS)
8 Blind and Handicapped Pension (BHP)
9 Child Protection Service-Facilities to Beneficiaries
10 Child Protection Services-Facilities to Beneficiaries(Sponsorship)
11 Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme
12 Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme
13 Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme
14 Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana
15 social allowance for 100 percent Blind
16 Social pension for Barber Workers
17 Social pension for person with 60 percent Disability and above
18 Social Pension to 80 percent and above Physically Challenged
19 Social Pension to person who lost 100 percent Eye sight
20 Umbrella ICDS-Anganwadi Services- Honorarium to AWW and AWH
21 National Creche Scheme-Honorarium To Workers
22 Protection and Empowerment of Women-Comprehensive Scheme for combating Trafficking of Women and Children-Ujjawla- Salary
23 Child Protection Service-Facilities to Beneficiaries
24 National Creche Scheme-Nutrition
25 Protection and Empowerment of Women-Comprehensive Scheme for combating Trafficking of Women and Children-Ujjawla-Facilities to beneficiaries
26 Protection And Empowerment Of Women-Swadhar Greh-facilities To Beneficiaries
27 Scheme For Adolescent Girls
28 State Old Age Pension (SOAP)
29 Widow & Deserted Woman Pension (WDP)
30 Pension for Deserted Women  APL          
31 State Widow  pension scheme (WPS)
32 Pension for Un-married women 
33 Un- Employment Allowance for 100% Blind 
34 Pension for Cobbler
35 Pension for Rickshaw puller
36 Pension for Motor Shramik  
37 Pension for Laundry Workers 
38 Pension for Handloom Workers 
39 Pension for Fishermen
40 Pension for Folk Artistes 
41 Pension for Pottery Workers
42 Pension for Carpenter 
43 Pension for Blacksmith 
44 Pension for SC traditionally connected with sanitation work 
45 Pension for Female Domestic Workers
46 Tripura Incentive to Girl Child (TIGC)
47 Person Living with HIV/AIDS
48 Pension for Grade-II Deformed Leprosy Patient
49 Pension for Cancer Patients
50 Social Pension for Transgender
51 Pension for Pradhan Samajpatis
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